JSC Condemns the Killing of Journalists Omar Abu Shawish and Muhammad Al-Salhi while covering events in Gaza

2023-10-09 05:32

معرض الصور Palestine

The Journalists Support Committee expresses its strong condemnation over the killing of two journalists on Saturday morning, while covering the current events in Gaza.

These journalists, Omar Abu Shawish and Muhammad Al-Salhi, were providing live and professional field reports to inform us and the world about the important events taking place in Gaza.

The committee strongly condemns this targeting, which led to the loss of the lives of these journalists and represents a flagrant violation of human rights and freedom of the press. The protection and safety of journalists must be a top priority at all times and in all places.

JSC calls for a thorough and transparent investigation into this incident, and for those responsible for this targeting to be prosecuted. It emphasizes the necessity of punishing and holding accountable those who target journalists while performing their professional duty. It also calls on the international community to provide support and protection to journalists who risk their lives to provide information and a true picture of the events taking place in Palestine. The committee also expresses its full solidarity with their families and colleagues in the field of journalism.