Ramallah: JSC calls on journalists to document the violations committed with the suspicious rise in attacks against them

2021-06-28 07:10

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The Journalists Support Committee (JSC) recorded more than (12) documented cases of attacks on men and women journalists during their media coverage of demonstrations in Ramallah in the West Bank between Saturday and Sunday (26 and 27 June 2021), in addition to many cases of bans from Covering, smashing cameras and confiscating phones.... Following up the situation with great concern, JSC calls on journalists and activists to document and report violations committed against journalists, in order to build upon in the pursuit of the case.

Among the most prominent violations documented

1- On Saturday 26-6-2021:

Journalist Shatha Hammad was hit in the face by a bomb

Journalist Muhammad Ghafari, journalist Saja Alami, journalist Naglaa Zaitoun, journalist Fayhaa Khanfar and Ibrahim Al-Rantisi were injured as a result of a violent attack.

2- Sunday 27-6-2021:

Assault on journalist Batoul Koussa by plain-clothed security forces

Assaulting journalist Hadi Sabarneh and destroying his camera

Assaulting journalist Ahmed Talaat and destroying his camera

Assault on journalist Ihab al-Khasib and confiscation of his phone

Attacking journalist Jihan Awad and denying her the right to coverage

Smashing the camera of the AP photographer


Support Committee for Journalists - Switzerland

Sunday 27 June 2021:


الجريمة التي ارتكبت اليوم بحق الصحافة

Posted by Jihan Awad on Sunday, June 27, 2021