JSC Condemns the Dismissal of the Head of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, Nasser Abu Bakr, from the French Agency in Response to Israeli Pressure

2021-05-31 11:04


JSC strongly condemns the French News Agency's dismissal of the journalist Nasser Abu Bakr, head of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, from his work in response to Israeli pressure.
The Committee confirms that Abu Bakr's dismissal is in the context of the systematic Israeli aggression against journalists and media institutions, as the frequency of attacks against journalists rapidly increased to more than one hundred violations during May 2021, as it cold-bloodily killed the journalist Yusef Abu Hussein and destroyed more than 50 Palestinian, Arab and international media outlets. .
The arbitrary dismissal of journalist Nasser Abu Bakr by the French News Agency raises serious concerns about the policy of the French Agency and its submission to Israeli pressure, knowing that Abu Bakr has professionally worked for the agency for about twenty years.

JSC demands quick and transparent investigations by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) in the case of the arbitrary dismissal which violates all the charters and customs regulating the profession of journalism. 
Expressing full support and solidarity with Abu Bakr, JSC considers that this chapter constitutes a dangerous unprecedent, calling all Palestinian journalists and the Palestinian government to boycott the French agency as this decision of dismissal clearly and unquestionably serves the policies of the occupation.

Journalists Support Committee
Monday May 31st, 2021