JSC calls on AP for a clear statement on Suspension of employment of journalist, with leaks referring to her criticism of how media reported Israeli practices against Palestinians

2021-05-21 08:10


The Journalist Support Committee in Geneva (JSC) denounces the American Associated Press's suspension of employment of journalist Emily Wilder, without informing her of the decision’s merits and the journalism principles which she violated, as the agency said in the mail sent to her colleagues about ending the agency’s cooperation with her.

Press sources, including the Anatolia Agency, reported:

The American Associated Press suspended journalist Emily Wilder from her work, due to her criticism of the way the media dealt with Israeli practices against Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem. The following is the content of the message on social media.

In an interview with the "Washington Post", the American-Jewish journalist expressed her great shock, because she did not know yet what journalism principles she violated, not even those that the news agency invoked in the dismissal decision.

In her response, Wilder stressed that she does not deny that she is a "Jew and an activist", and that during her university studies at Stanford, she belonged to such groups as the "Students for Justice in Israel Club" and the "Jewish Voice for Peace" club.

The committee, confirming its rejection of any suspension which is not in compliance with journalism protection laws, expresses its strong condemnation of the suspension of employment of any journalist for any publication he/she has or any material provided to the public, referring to the sacred right to freedom of speech and expression and freedom of publication enshrined in international conventions, foremost of which is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Journalist Support Committee - Switzerland

Friday May 21st, 2021