JSC Condemns YouTube's Decision Restricting Access to Palestine-Today Account, Especially Live Broadcasts & Demands Respect of the Right to Press Freedom

2021-05-20 01:35


The Journalist Support Committee in Geneva (JSC) strongly condemnds "YouTube"'s action, restricting access to the" Palestine-Today" channel account , especially the live broadcast, according to what the channel reported in a series of tweets, where Youtube claimed that the content may be "violating publishing standards". 

The committee considers that such a measure is a flagrant violation of Press Freedom, a public and unjustified bias against the media and unjustified discretion in measures with unclear backgrounds, and a continuity of systemic silencing of the Palestinian content in a critical period where the Israeli forces are bombarding the Palestinian territories, 

The committee, declaring its solidarity with Palestine-Today channel, calls on "YouTube" to immediately withdraw its decision and adopt the principles of equality in the digital world (Online) between its users and users, as is the case in the real world (Offline), in order to preserve the right of everyone to access information directly from its sources and following up on events in light of the current sensitive conditions.
Journalist Support Committee - Switzerland
Thursday, 20th of May, 2021