JSC Calls for Urgent Intervention to Stop Israeli Aggression, with Rapid Rise in Civilian Casualties And Loss of 3rd Journalist Due to Israeli Bombardment

2021-05-19 10:27


As the Journalist Support Committee in Geneva (JSC) mourns the loss of journalist Yousef Muhammad Abu Hussein (Abu Salah), who died as a result of Israeli missiles which targeted his apartment in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza earlier this morning and extends condolences to his family and colleagues, especially at Al-Aqsa Radio, it asserts its intention to continue to document and follow up the prosecution of crimes against journalists committed by the Israeli occupation, and to bring the perpetrators and aggressors to international courts, especially the International Criminal Court and to reject the continuity of impunity in crimes committed against journalists who seek to convey the truth and reveal what is truely happening in Palestine.


The committee confirmed that the loss of Abu Hussein today, in addition to two other journalists (Abdul Hamid al-Kawlak and Muhammad Abdel Moneim Shaheen) during the past days, constitutes an urgent call to the UN Security Council for the immediate implementation of its Resolution 2222 on the right to protection of journalists and all relevant international decisions.

JSC reminds of the basic calls in the UN resolution for states and regional and local organizations for  the necessity of benefiting from practices, experiences and lessons related to the protection of media staff and rejection of all forms of violations and attacks against them, urging to respect the rights of journalists during conflicts, condemning the continued impunity of aggressors, and calling for their prosecution.


In addition, JSC considers that the continued impunity of the Israeli occupation forces, which is carrying out an intentional aggression against journalists and media, must stop and Israel to be hold accountable for its crimes which are not subject to statute of limitations.


The daily violations of the rights of journalism and Media Corporations (considered civilian assets in accordance with International Humanitarian Law), whether killing them, assaulting them, destroying their media outlets and their homes, denying them the right to access of information and coverage, impeding their movement, in addition to the previous crimes, will remain the legal basis to prosecute Israel in international forums.


JSC urges the International Federation of Journalists and "Reporters Without Borders" to act faster to stop the aggression against media and journalists, in order to prevent the continuation of their killing and assaults in crimes which amount to war crimes, in accordance with international treaties and conventions.

Journalists Support Committee - Switzerland


Wednesday, 19th of May, 2021