The French Journalist and historian Dominique Vidal about the Israeli Bombardment of AP and AlJazeera Building In Gaza: Here are the rules French media should bear in mind when talking about Israel and Palestine

2021-05-17 07:52


The French Journalist and historian Dominique Vidal posted: 



Here are, exclusively, the rules that all French media should bear in mind when talking about Israel and Palestine:

~ Rule No. 1: In the Middle East, it is always the Arabs who attack the first and it is still Israel who defend itself. It's called retaliation.

~ Rule No. 2: Palestinians do not have the right to kill civilians from the other side. It's called terrorism.

~ Rule No. 3: Israel has the right to kill Arab civilians. It's called self defense.

~ Rule No. 4: When Israel kills too many civilians, Western powers call it restraint. This is called the reaction of the international community.

~ Rule No. 5: Palestinians do not have the right to capture Israeli military, even if their number is very limited and does not exceed three soldiers.

~ Rule No. 6: Israelis have the right to abduct as many Palestinians as they wish (about 8 prisoners to date including nearly 300 children). There's no limit and they don't need to show the slightest evidence of the abducted people's guilt. Just say the magic word ′′ terrorist ".

~ Rule No. 7: When you say ′′ Hezbollah ", you should always add the expression ′′ supported by Syria and Iran ".

~ Rule No. 8: When you say ' Israel ', you should not add after ' backed by the US, UK, France and the European Union ' because you would think it's about an unbalanced conflict.

Rule #9: Never talk about ′′ Occupied Territories ", UN resolutions, violations of international law, Geneva Conventions. This is likely to disrupt Western Channel viewer and listener.

~ Rule No. 10: Israelis speak French better than Arabs. This is why they and their supporters are given the word as often as possible. Thus they can explain the previous rules (1). It's called journalistic neutrality.

~ Rule No. 11: If you disagree with his rules or find that they favour one party in the conflict against another, then you are a dangerous anti-Semitic.

And you'll see the punishment waiting for you below (and it's not a joke):

Israeli army bombard Al Jazeera Media Building and Associated Press in Gaza



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