JSC: Deep Concern for The Safety of Photojournalist #Ahmad_Humaidan in Bahraini Prisons After Contracting Coronavirus in High Risk Situations

2021-03-31 10:16

Statements Reports

The Journalists Support Committee in Geneva (JSC) expresses its deep concern for the safety of the photojournalist # Ahmad_ Humaidan (who has been in Bahraini prisons since 2012) as the health authorities barely informed his family about his infection with the Coronavirus, without providing any further details about his health status and condition till now, most worrisome incidence of which for them is skipping his usual weekly phone contact with them.

Supporting Humaidan’s family demand for his immediate and unconditioned release of Humaidan and all prisoners of conscience, JSC calls the Bahraini authorities to, immediately and without any further delay, provide the necessary full medical care to him and every detainee or prisoner.

It considers that the continuation of "conscientious arrests", especially under inappropriate health conditions, is one of the crimes against humanity, with the alarming assert from several human rights organizations in Bahrain that the number of people infected with the virus announced has rapidly increased since the announcement of the first confirmed case on March 23rd, 2021 to 39 confirmed cases on March 30th , with some of the infected having chronic diseases. This clearly reflects high rate of transmission of the virus in the highly populated cells where prisoners of conscience are detained, especially in Joe Central Prisons in Bahrain where 4 of the infected are in Block 2 of Building 21 along with 150 prisoners of conscience which contradicts the precaution measures against transmission of coronavirus, regarding social distancing and sanitary conditions.

JSC again urges the Bahraini authorities to respect the freedom of speech and expression enshrined in international conventions, especially the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to respect the obligations to care for the prisoners. Moreover, it pressures for the respect of due processes of law and fair trials.

This stated, Humeidan was arrested on December 29th , 2021. During his detention, he was tortured in the Criminal Investigation Building which is known for torture sessions, leading him to have a nervous break.

Then, on March 26th, 2014, the Third Supreme Court indicated a 10 year prison sentence in the case of attacking the Sitra police station, while others considered that he was imprisoned in connection with the events of the peaceful revolution that broke out in the country.

It is noteworthy that the photographer, Humaidan, has won 163 international awards, and is ranked second in terms of awards in the Persian Gulf. These awards include:

- Golden Medal Salon in FKNS Grand Prix 2012 Serbia.

- Golden Medal (FIAP) at the 2012 Hungarian Circuit Contest, Hungary.

- Silver Medal (FIAP) at the 2012 Hungarian Circuit Competition, Hungary.

- Salon gold medal in Art Photo Circuits (BOR) 2012 Serbia.

- 2 medals and 13 Medals of Honor in America's 2012 GASO Circuits competition.

- 3 PSA golds, 6 medals, and 28 Medals of Honor at the 2012 North Georgia PRINT Circuit 2012 America.

- 4 PSA golds, 13 medals, and 58 Medals of Honor at the 2012 America's DIGA Circuits Competition.

Medal of Honor (PSA) in the 2012 PSA International Exhibition (Photojournalism Prints) America.

Medal of Honor (SALON praises) at Child 2012 Serbia.