Verbal Violence Against Lebanese News Reporter Dima Sadek

2019-07-19 02:13


The Journalist Support Committee Condemns the Unacceptable Verbal Violence that Targeted the News Reporter Dima Sadek

The Journalist Support Committee condemns, in the strongest terms, the unacceptable verbal violence that targeted the news reporter Dima Sadek on social media.

The Committee deplores the inappropriate masculine contentions used against Dima Sadek and recalls the right of any reporter to express his opinion. It also assures on the necessity of protecting this right and considers that practicing such verbal violence is considered as a flagrant violation of the basic principles of human rights as well as an unacceptable practice of violence for the purpose of intimidation.

The Committee calls on all activists through social media to adhere to the rules of professional publication and to respect the human dignity and personal freedom of other activists.

Legal entities are called upon to take the necessary measures to preserve the dignity of journalists and protect them from various forms of violence.

Journalist Support Committee - Geneva
27 June 2019