Journalist Support Committee Hosted a Youth Voluntary Team

2018-10-31 01:11


Journalist Support Committee hosted a youth voluntary team.

On Saturday morning, October 13, 2018, the Journalist Support Committee in Yemen welcomed a group of students (12 students) from the faculty of communication to volunteer for the Committee.

After welcoming the attendees, the Journalist Support Committee introduced themselves to the audience after distributing papers containing the Commission's literature where students read about the Committee's statute and agreed to adhere to the Code of Ethics. They were then submitted details on their voluntary work mechanism, and what features they could use and the means of communication.

The students stressed the importance of the media role in Yemen, especially during the war and the siege imposed on Yemen. The young generation of media students aim and hope to raise the level of Yemeni media and work to convey the Yemeni real image and voice abroad.

The students also assured on the importance of media training, especially the protective regulations and laws that preserve the rights and liberties of the journalist.

Journalist Support Committee - Switzerland
16 October 2018