64 Israeli Violations Last September

2018-10-06 10:52


Journalist Support Committee: 64 Israeli Violations Last September

The Israeli occupying forces expanded their aggression against journalists and media outlets, especially journalists who are covering the march of return on the borders of Gaza Strip.

The Journalist Committee Support monitored a total of 75 violations against journalists and media freedoms in Palestine by the Israeli occupation and internal Palestinian actors during September 2018.

The Israeli Occupation Violations:

In its monthly report, the committee pointed out that September 2018 witnessed 67 Israeli violations targeting journalists to conceal their assaults against the protestors and withhold the truth journalists present during their live coverage to the world.

The report showed that the Israeli occupation targeted and wounded more than 36 journalists the past month where 26 journalists were covering the march of return on the eastern borders of Gaza Strip.

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested, detained and summoned 6 journalists in the occupied west bank. The journalist Manal Al Jaabari and the writer Israa Lafy were arrested, whereas the journalist Diala Jowayhan and the media activist Fadi Moutour were summoned. The Israeli occupation also detained the journalists Omar Al Ammour and Imad Jebrin, and issued a decision to deport Fadi Moutour.

In addition, the report spotted that the Israeli occupation forces extended the sentence of 6 journalists: Ali Dar Ali (who was sentenced for the second time and released during the same month), the writer Lama Khater, Israa Lafy, the journalist Ousama Shahin (whose detention was renewed for the second time), Mohammad Mona (whose sentence was re-established).

The report documented 4 cases of coverage denial for a group of journalists, where Diala Jowayhan’s press card was confiscated.

The Israeli occupation forces stormed the houses of 2 journalists amid of raids and inspections, and imposed 2 fines before releasing Ali Dar Ali, and the media student Ola Marshoud.

The committee pointed out that 1 case of harassment was recorded in prisons while it was moving from one detention to another without noticing any basic health service or another to the journalists which causes and spreads diseases among the detainees.

Because of the journalists and activists’ posts on Facebook, the Facebook administration in collusion with the Israeli occupation deleted and closed 8 social network pages for some of the journalists.

Internal Palestinian Violations:

Concerning the internal Palestinian violations, the committee recorded 8 violations in its report, which were distributed as the following:

  1. Security services summoned 3 journalists
  2. Security services in the occupied West Bank postponed a trial for 2 journalists, arrested 1 journalist and confiscated equipments and phones (2).

Details of the Israeli violations committed during September 2018:

3-09-2018: The IOF prevented journalists from reaching the point where Wael Al- Jaabari was killed in Hebron.

4-09-2018: A number of journalists were suffocated during their demonstration near the Israeli Ofar Detention west of Ramallah in solidarity with Ali Dar Ali (who is arrested in the Israeli prisons).The journalists were suppressed and weren’t allowed to cover the event.

4-09-2018: The Israelis extend the detention of the journalist Ali Dar Ali, the reporter of Palestine TV until the 12th of September.

4-09-2018: 4 journalists are wounded including:  Alaa Al-Rimawi (Director of Jerusalem TV office in the West Bank who was detained in the Israeli prisons and released the last month), Abbass Al-Momeni (the photojournalist of the French News Agency), Issam Rimawi (the photojournalist of the Anadolu Agency, and Joseph Deek (who is the reporter of the French Agency, holds a British Nationality) These journalists were stroked by the fires of the Israelis’ sponge-tipped bullet in the lower limbs while covering a march in Jabal Al-Risan west of Ramallah, which prevented them from coverage.

6-09-2018: An Israeli occupation stormed the house of the journalist Bassam Abu Sharab amid of a raid and inspection searching for one of his sons who wasn’t at home.

6-09-2018: The Israeli military court extended the detention of the captive writer Lama Khater (42 years old) from Hebron governorate in the southern West Bank for the 9th time, until the 10th of October.

7-09-2018: Mahmoud Shata (25 years old) from Rafah, was injured by live bullet in the left thigh while he was covering in the camp of Return (Al-Awda) east of Rafah. Mohammad is a reporter in Real Truth Network.

07-09-2018: Nashaat Nasim Khalil Naim (20 years old) from Beit Hanoun north of the West Bank, was shot by a live bullet in the left arm while he was covering in the Return Camp east of Rafah. Nashaat is a reporter in Barq Gaza News Network.

10-09-2018: Atieh Nasser Hijazi (28 years old) the photojournalist of Al-Manara TV Production Agency, has been fired with a live bullet by the Israeli forces, and injured by its shrapnel in his right knee and thigh during his coverage of the great return marches near the Israeli military zone of Zikim, northwest of Gaza.

10-09-2018: Houssein Jamal Mansour (26 years old) from Al-Boureij Camp in the central governorate, is a photojournalist at the Shams News Agency and the Guardian. Hussein was injured by a gas bomb in the head.

13-09-2018: The Israeli occupation court charges the captive journalist Ali Dar Ali, the reporter of the Palestine TV.

13-09-2018: The Israeli occupation court charges Ali Dar Ali with a fine of 2700 NIS before releasing him.

14-09-2018: The IOF shot the journalist Ismail Al-Ghoul, reporter of Al-Resala Newspaper while covering the march of return east of Gaza.

14-09-2018: The IOF shot the photojournalist Bilal Al-Abadesa in his foot, during the Great Return March east of Khan Younis.

14-09-2018: Nidal Ashtiya (The photojournalist of the Chinese Agency) was injured by a rubber-coated metal bullet in the chest while covering the clashes in Kafr Qaddum town of Qalqilliya district in the occupied West Bank.

15-09-2018: The IOF detained the journalists Omar Al-Ammour and Imad Jebrin near to Tuqu’ town in the southeast of Bethlehem Governorate and took them to their investigation centers.

16-09-2018: Mazen Souleiman Qadih (25 years old), reporter at Al-Rabat Radio Station and a photojournalist of Nour News Network, was shot and injured by a shrapnel in his left hand while covering a peaceful demonstration in Khuza’a town in the east of Khan Younis city.

18-09-2018: Thaer Khaled Fahmi Abou Riyash (24 years old), a photojournalist at the Turkish Newspaper, was injured by a gas bomb in his head while covering the clashes at the Erez Crossing in the northern Gaza Strip.

18-09-2018: Mohammad Khalil Bader (22 years old), journalist at the Palestinian Information Center was injured by a gas bomb in his right knee.

18-09-2018: Mohammad Atef AL-Arabid (23 years old), photojournalist at the Northern Media Agency and the Palestinian News Network was injured by a gas bomb in his face.

18-09-2018: The Israeli occupation summoned the journalist Diala Joweyhan to Al-Qashla investigation and remand center in Jaffa Gate of the Old City, after detaining her personal card and preventing her from exercising her duties. Diala was charged with “breaching the public order” and "obstructing the duties of a police" during her coverage of “Al-Aqsa Mosque” events.

18-09-2018: The IOF issued an order to deport the activist Fadi Moutour from Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Old City for 15 days after summoning him and Diala for investigation at the occupation police station.

20-09-2018: The IOF forced the journalist Ola Marshoud from Nablus to pay a bailout of 3000 NIS before releasing her after 7 months.

21-09-2018: Journalist Khalid Sabarna was shot by metal bullet in Jabal Al-Risan west of Ramallah.

21-09-2018: The IOF targets the Jerusalem canal crew and the press with gas bombs in the Malaka Camp east of Gaza in order to prevent them from exercising their coverage duties.

22-09-2018: Photojournalist Akram Shbeir was shot in the foot while covering the clashes with the IOF east of Khan Younis.

23-09-2018: News Photojournalist Anas Jamal Mahmoud Sharif (21 years old) from Jabalya, was shot in his abdomen during a march organized in the east of Abou Safiya hill, northeast of Jabalya and north of Gaza Strip.

24-09-2018: The IOF demonstrated the 6 months administrative detention against the journalist Mohammad Mona.

24-09-2018: Montasar Housny AL-Sawaf (28 years old), photojournalist at the Turkish Anadolu Agency was injured in his foot by a gas bomb, and his video camera was shot by a bullet while covering the 9th Marine March in the northern Gaza Strip.

25-09-2018: The IOF arrest the journalist Manal Al-Jaabari in the Corner Gate in central of Hebron.

26-09-2018: Abed Al-Rahman Al-Kahlout (21 years old), Photojournalist at Shehab Agency, was shot, for the second time during the return march,  by a bomb gas directly on his right arm while covering the activities of Beit Hanoun checkpoint in northern Gaza.

26-09-2018: The journalist Mohammad Ismail Jarbou (44 years old) from Al-Boureij Camp in the central governorate was injured by a bomb gas in his face. Mohammad is a photojournalist at the media office of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and a news editor for Sabaq 24 site.

26-09-2018: The journalist Samar Abou Al-Ouf was suffocated during the clashes at the Erez crossing and was transferred to the hospital.

26-09-2018: The Journalists Omair Estitiya (25 years old) and Omeir Al-Jammal (25 years old) were both injured by a rubber-coated metal bullet. The first was injured in his left leg and eye, and the second in his left leg while covering the clashes that took place between young men and the IOF near the Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus in the West Bank. 

26-09-2018: The IOF arrest the journalist Israa Khudor Lafi Ghneimat (35 years old) from her house in Sorif town north of Hebron amid of inspections. Israa was taken to a spot where military vehicles are positioned and then transferred to Hasharon Prison after being presented before the military court the same day.

26-09-2018:  Facebook’s administration blocked some journalists and activists because of their posts that involve Palestinian content such as: Rami Samara, Dalia Nasser, and Tasnim Qushu.

27-09-2018: Ofer Military Court extends the detention of the captive writer Israa Khudor Lafi Ghneimat (30 years old) for 8 more days under the pretext of completing the investigation. Israa is from Sorif town, district of Hebron.

27-09-2018: Ofer Military Court renews the administrative detention against the captive journalist and activist Ousama Houssein Shahin (35 years old). Ousama is from Dura town, district of Hebron and was detained for 4 months for a second consecutive period.

28-09-2018: Media student Alaa Al-Nemer was injured by a gas bomb in his back while recording a video report in the eastern Gaza Strip.

28-09-2018: 5 journalists and media professionals, from the Return Camp east of Gaza, were injured while covering the Friday Aqsa Intifada. The journalists are: 

  1. Haneen Baroud (injured by a gas bomb directly on her head)
  2. The photojournalist Mohammad Abou Qadous (injured in his hands).
  3. Amjad Amjad Jrade (injured by shrapnel in his hand and foot and suffocated as a result of inhaling a tear gas canister).
  4. Mahmoud Abed Al-All and Ahmad Hassouna (suffocated as a result of inhaling a tear gas canister).
  5. Moein Al-Dabba, reporter at Khabar Agency for Palestinian News (injured by gas bomb in his shoulder.

28-09-2018: The journalist Mohammad Turkman, also a photojournalist at Reuters, was injured by a rubber bullet in his foot during the clashes in Batn Al-Hawa Neighborhood in Ramallah.

30-09-2018: FaceBook’s Administration blocks the account of the journalist Muthanna Al-Najjar from publication, and deleted the account of Hassan Aslih and the page of Kul Al-Nas Channel.

Details of Palestinian Internal Violations during September 2018:

01-09-2018: The Security Apparatus summoned the journalist Mohammad Abou Jhaisha who refused their summons because of their illegality.

05-09-2018: The Ramallah Magistrate’s Court postponed the trial of Rami Samara (freelance journalist), Na’ila Khalil (reporter at Skies Media) due to the non-presence of the complainant till October 31, with regard of the case against them according to the Cyber Crime Act.

05-09-2018: The Palestinian Intelligence Service arrested Mohammad Saeed Abou Jouheisha (the program presenter at Al-Marah radio station) for an hour and a half at the Palestinian Intelligence Headquarter in Hebron after refusing to comply with the summons.

26-09-2018: The security services in Gaza summoned the journalist Sameh Al Jadi and asked him to come to the headquarter without saying the reasons.

27-09-2018: The security apparatus service summoned the journalist Mous’ab Shawer from Hebron. Upon his arrival to the Palestinian Intelligence Headquarter, the elements of the apparatus searched him and took his cell phone and his belongings then informed him that he is arrested by the apparatus without giving reasons.

Journalist Support Committee - Palestine
2 October 2018