Modern Skills and Techniques for Radio Editing Workshop in Palestine

2018-06-25 10:51


The Journalist Support Committee Organizes a Workshop on Modern Methods of Editing for Palestinian broadcasters

The Journalist Support Committee in Palestine has organized a workshop for Palestinian radio operators in Gaza entitled "Modern Skills and Techniques for Radio Editing" with the participation of 20 journalists, editors, broadcasters and program presenters.

The Coordinator of the Committee in Palestine, Mr. Saleh Al-Masri, stressed that the local Palestinian radios play an important role because of its great impact in Palestinian life, thus the Committee decided to develop the Palestinian media cadres and improve the level of professionalism of workers by benefiting from the expertise of journalists working in international media organizations.

Mr. Al-Masri confirmed that the correspondent of Radio Monte Carlo International, journalist Adel Zaanoun, carried out the workshop which included some guideline on how to prepare news bulletins, press reports and press story, in addition to his practical experience in the field.

Mr. Al-Masri stated that since the establishment of the Committee, it has been working on developing the capabilities of journalists and paving the way for them to gain experience that will reflect in their press work and to give the opportunity for them to establish media relations with all local, Arab and international institutions.

Mr. Al-Masri announced that journalists are deprived from participating in workshops and conferences due to the Israeli embargo on Gaza which prevents them from travelling, therefore the committee has been endeavouring to give them specialized courses inside Gaza.

The workshop aims to shift the radio work from local to international by acquiring professional and sound skills of journalism through which the international institutions operate, stated Mr. Al-Masri.

Finally, Mr. Al-Masri stressed that the Journalist Support Committee has organized during the past year a number of events, conferences and specialized workshops in Palestine, Yemen, Lebanon and Britain in order to raise awareness of journalists' rights in accordance with the ethics of press work and international standards that respect international laws and regulations.

Journalist Support Committeee - Palestine
23 June 2018