Workshop: Social Media Policy Guide

2018-03-26 08:56


The Journalist Support Committee Organized a Workshop entitled: Social Media Policy Guide

The Journalist Support Committee has organized a workshop entitled "Social Media Policy Guide" targeting journalists and media workers in local Palestinian media organizations.

The representative of the Committee in Palestine, Mr. Saleh Al-Masri, stressed that the workshop aims to improve the media content on social media sites to avoid the policy of deletion, ban, and closure, which is followed by Facebook's management against the Palestinian content due to the Israeli pressure exerted on it.

Mr. Saleh stated that about 35 journalists, from the Gaza Strip, attended the workshop, who work in managing Palestinian social media pages affiliated with Palestinian media institutions.

The expert in the social media, Mohammed Abu Al-Qambaz, provided a detailed explanation supported by practical evidence on the policies of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

"There are common mistakes made by most journalists which leads to the closure of their Facebook pages", Mr. Al-Qambaz confirmed, indicating that: "it is not only about mistakes, but about the lack of clarity in Facebook's policies which is subjected, from time to time, to Israeli pressures in its fight against Palestinian content".

Journalist Support Committee - Palestine
26 March 2018