Investigative Journalism

2017-08-02 11:59


The Journalists Support Committee and the union center for media training concluded a training course on investigative journalism


UCMT in collaboration with the Journalist Support Committee concluded a training course entitled "Journalists Systematized at detecting facts - investigative journalism", which was held on Wednesday, 2 August 2017, Beirut, Lebanon.

The course was attended by 10 students from the Faculty of Information at the Lebanese University, where they were trained in online research methods.

The Journalist Support Committee trained and introduced students to the investigative press and the importance of research and investigative journalism, as well as to the important role and work of the Journalist Support Committee in the Arab region and its various activities.

The course was presented by Mohammed Maaz, a graduate of Faculty of Information - Information Management, Lebanese University, specializes in the development of effective online search and information technology.

At the end of the course, projects were distributed to the trainees and must be submitted by 10 days from the date.


Journalist Support Committee
2 August 2017