Rules for membership

2020-04-08 05:01

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Membership in the association is open to professional journalists and journalists' associations, as groups or in their individual capacities, members of non-profit, non-governmental organisations, as groups or in their individual capacities, and any natural or legal person may become a member if they are committed to the aims of the Association.

Requests to become a member must be addressed to the Committee. The Committee admits new members and informs the General Assembly accordingly.

Members have the following rights:

  1. participation at the General Assembly;
  2. possible election as a member of the Executive Committee;
  3. reduced participation fee for the conferences, seminar, and regional events;
  4. receive quarterly membership newsletter, featuring news, interviews, campaigning updates and in-depth articles about journalism laws and ethics;
  5. using the Association’s logo in their activities. 

Membership ceases:

  1. on death;
  2. by written resignation thereby notifying the Committee at least six months before the end of the financial year;
  3. by exclusion ordered by the Committee, for just cause, with a right of appeal to the General Assembly. Appeals must be lodged within 30 days of the Committee's decision being notified;
  4. for non-payment of dues for more than one year. 

In all cases, the membership fee for the current year remains due. Members who have resigned or who are excluded have no rights to any part of the Association’s assets. Only the Association's assets may be used for obligations/commitments contracted in its name. Members have no personal liability.

Also, fees for membership of the Association, are separated into the following categories: 

  1. Journalist Member

Open to persons operating in journalistic categories such as heads of departments/sections of newspapers, magazines, broadcasting or news agencies, editorial writers, copy editors, bureau chiefs, correspondents, media worker, Television, and radio news presenters. Journalist members have a voting right. 

  1. Associate Membership 

Associate membership covers those who work in fields closely related to journalism such as lecturers in journalism, broadcast news analysts, press freedom advocates, media lawyers and advisors. Associate members have no voting rights. 

  1. Student Member 

Open to journalism student in a full time or part time or engaged in journalistic work for a student publication, community media or self-publishing online or in print. Student Members have no voting rights. 

  1. Corporate Member

Corporate membership is open to any business, company, or corporation with an interest in the press and broadcast media. 

An annual membership fee is a major source of the association budgeting funds. An estimate of 50% of our funding will be coming from the annual membership fees;

  1. Affiliated Member

Affiliated Membership is granted to individuals and media outlets as a tribute to their courage, resistance and commitment to fundamental principles and values of independent journalism and press freedom throughout the world.

which is separated into the following categories:

  • Journalist membership fee has been set at $30
  • Association membership fee has been set at $20
  • Student membership fee has been set at $10 
  • Corporation membership fee has been set at $100 

Please fill the following application form for membership:


  1. Terms and conditions: I agree to abide by the journalism code of conduct. I understand that my membership can be revoked if and when my activities militate against the interests of the profession and I will have no claims against the journalist support committee.
  2. Please resend the application form, after filling, to our email address: [email protected].