JSC Condemns the Destruction of Al-Aqsa TV Headquarters by the Israeli Warplanes

2018-12-14 02:16


Journalist Support Committee: The destruction of Al-Aqsa TV's headquarters by the Israeli warplanes is a crime that won't silence the Palestinian voice

Once again, the Israeli warplanes committed another crime against the Palestinian media and its press institutions by destroying Al-Aqsa TV headquarters completely with more than 12 shells on Monday evening, November 12, 2018.

The Israeli occupation seeks through the destruction of the headquarters of al-Aqsa TV to suppress Palestinian voice by muzzling every free voice that seeks to convey the crimes of the occupation to the world.

The Committee condemns this criminal act in the strongest terms and emphasizes that international institutions and media outlets should exert pressure on the occupation to stop its crimes against the free press and to stop its direct and deliberate attack on Palestinian journalists.

The Committee affirms that targeting the Palestinian media through the destruction of al-Aqsa TV is part of the occupation’s comprehensive campaign to eliminate the Palestinian presence, extinguish the voice of the national humanitarian discourse, confiscate the Palestinian narrative, prevent the transfer of the true image of the occupation and its systematic terror against the defenseless Palestinian people and cover its practices and crimes against the rules of international humanitarian law.

The Journalist Support Committee calls for the widest solidarity campaign with al-Aqsa TV and its employees in order to continue its media message and convey the voice of the Palestinian people.

We also salute all the media crews working in extremely dangerous circumstances in order to convey the reality of the Israeli aggression in Gaza. We are confident that al-Aqsa TV will continue its work with courage and responsibility despite the occupation's aggression.

Journalist Support Committee – Palestine
12 November 2018