Arrest Extension of the Writer Lama Khater

2018-12-11 12:52


Journalist Support Committee condemns the extension of the arrest of the writer Lama Khater

The Journalist Support Committee renewed its condemnation of the Occupation's military court decision to extend the arrest of the captive journalist Lama Khater, 42 years old, until the 26 of December, on the pretext of completing the investigation.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Committee expressed its condemnation concerning the extension of Khater’s detention several times and subjecting her to intensive and harsh interrogations where she was tied to the chair, deprived of sleep during the investigation and being insulted all the time, in addition to continuous screaming.

The occupation forces arrested Khater from her house in the city of Hebron on July 24 and took her to the Israeli center of Ashkelon without charge or trial.

The Committee believed that Khater’s arrest, and extending her detention and postponing her trial six times, is a horrendous crime against Palestinian dynamic women, and a clear attack on freedom of opinion and expression.

The committee considered that the extension of Khater’s detention is a continuity of the occupation’s policy which fights journalists, writers, cameraman and photographers in an attempt to obliterate the truth.

The Committee appealed to all human rights and international organizations who advocate for women's rights to act immediately and work for her release.

The writer is a mother of five children, activist and a supporter of captive-related issues.

Lama Khater was exposed to periods of extension, delay, torture and harassment:

11/10/2018: Ofer military court postponed the trial of captive writer Lama Khater until the thirteenth of the coming month.

29/08/2018: Military occupation court in "Ofer" extended the arrest of writer Lama Khater until next Wednesday.

28/08/2018: The administration of the occupation's prisons transferred Lama Kharer from the "Ashkelon" interrogation center to Hasharon prison after 34 days of continuous investigation. 

23/08/2018The arrest of Lama Khater was extended for 7 days to complete the legal proceedings and the file was transferred to the prosecution. Therefore, the trial of Lama will be held next Wednesday at Ofer court.

16/08/2018: Israeli occupation forces extend the detention of the writer Lama Khater for 8 days in the detention center "Ashkelon".

09/08/2018: The lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoner Club, Mr. Firas Al-Sabah, said that journalist Lama Khater has been under investigation for 17 days at the Ashkelon detention center and is under great pressure in an attempt to obtain a confession.

26/07/2018: A trial for the writer Lama Khater was held. She was subjected to great pressure in an attempt to obtain confessions from her.

Journalist Support Committee - Palestine
14 November 2018