Iraqi Media Outlets Ravaged in Basra

2018-09-27 02:14


The Journalist Support Committee deplores the targeting of Iraqi media outlets in Basra

The Journalist Support Committee in Iraq deplores the attacks on Al-Nakheel channel and Al-Ghadeer channel in Basra where their headquarters were burned down and completely damaged. Our sources reported that the building consisted of six floors and was completely burned down except for the fourth floor which contains the headquarters of the Al-Nakheel channel that was ravaged and destroyed.

Our source also reported that the sabotage operations only affected the equipment and devices leaving the channel's staff unharmed.

The Committee calls upon the security forces and the duty-bearers, as well as citizens, to provide adequate protection for the press, media headquarters and media cadres in Basra governorate to maintain the integrity of the journalism profession and to preserve the safety of journalists as they are the tool that conveys the truth.

The Committee notes that such attacks are contrary to international conventions and covenants relating to the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in particular, resolution 1738 adopted by the Security Council at its 5613th meeting, on 23 December 2006, which considers the installations and equipment of the media as civilian objects, and in this respect shall not be the object of attack or of reprisals.

In a related matter, and through the press monitoring of the current events, the violations against journalists in the province of Basra during this month have increased given to the high pace of security events in the region due to demonstrations demanding the provision of services.

It is worth noting that this attack is the second of its kind during the month of September 2018, having received news, just one day ago, of the assassination of the civil rights activist and journalist Souad Al-Ali.

On the other hand, journalists and media professionals working in the attacked media outlets expressed their concern about the journalist's fate and safety after witnessing their headquarters vandalized.

Journalist Support Committee - Iraq
27 September 2018