State-Owned media offers unilateral & unfair coverage of Bahrain elections

2018-07-28 01:42


State-Owned media offers unilateral & unfair coverage of Bahrain elections

PRESS RELEASE - Despite calls by rights groups Bahrain’s decision to impose limits and restrictions on the press and media in general remains unaddressed. In clear violations with international norms Manama’s government has, systematically and in all impunity, hampered Bahrainis’ right to not only access information and share their views, but also impart information through independent media platforms.

While the new press law limits freedom of the media, the government of Bahrain also uses the 2002 Press Law and a 2006 Anti-Terror Law to restrict the rights of journalists and media professionals. As a result of such state tutelage, the majority of press and media outlets are but an extension of Manama’s narrative, thus contravening the principles of a free and independent press.

The Journalist Support Committee now fears that Bahrain coming elections will serve as yet another excuse for the government to tighten its grip on the media - preventing any, and all voices from offering alternative views.

Therefore the JSC is calling upon Bahrain’s government to ensure a free and independent free press, without restrictions or fear of repercussions onto journalists and media professionals. 

Journalist Support Committee - Switzerland
28 June 2018