The Saudi-Led Coalition Targets Telecommunication Networks in Yemen

2018-07-11 01:49


The Journalist Support Committee in Yemen deplores the targeting of Radio Transmitters and Telecommunication Networks in Yemen

The Journalist Support Committee condemns the continued and systematic targeting by the Saudi-led Coalition of the Telecommunications Sector in Yemen, through various methods varying from bombing towers, networks, relay stations, government and private communications since the commencement of the raids on March 26, 2015, the latest of which was targeting communication networks in Saada and Amran governorates.

The Committee condemns, in the strongest terms, the repeated attacks on the communications networks, which cause general harm to all Yemeni citizens without exception and disables civil and humanitarian services, the work of most organizations' operation and educational, technical and other service centres.

The Committee notes that such attacks contravene international conventions, UN resolutions, and Human Rights treaties, in particular, resolution 1738 adopted by the Security Council at its 5613th meeting, on 23 December 2006, which considers "media equipment and installations constitute civilian objects, and in this respect shall not be the object of attack or of reprisals...".

In response to this ongoing and constant targeting, the Journalist Support Committee calls on the international community and organizations to act swiftly to end this systematic abuse on all forms of public services and to exert pressure on the coalition to neutralize the telecommunications sector from the current conflict.

The Committee also holds the Saudi coalition countries fully responsible and accountable for these humanitarian crimes and their implications.

Journalist Support Committee - Yemen
10 July 2018