In Its Third Week In A Row: The Occupation Committed a New Crime Against Journalists

2018-04-16 01:53


The Journalist Support Committee: The Occupation Committed a New Crime Against Journalists
9 Journalists Injured with Live Ammunition while Dozens Asphyxiated from Gas Bombs

The Journalist Support Committee in Palestine confirmed that the occupation committed a new crime by targeting Palestinian journalists while covering The Great March of Return in its third week in a row, wounding four journalists with live ammunition and dozens of others with teargas bombs.

The coordinator of the Committee in Palestine, Mr. Saleh Al-Masri, stated that the case of journalist Ahmad Abu Hussein, correspondent of Voice of the People radio, was described as very critical. He sustained a shot in the stomach where the bullet settled in his back, forcing doctors to remove part of his spleen, liver, and part of his kidney.

"The Israeli soldiers deliberately targeted journalists adding a new offense to the series of crimes committed since the beginning of the Great March of Return since March 30, bringing the toll of injured journalists to 53" Mr. Saleh added, calling on international institutions to intervene to stop the crimes of the occupation against Palestinian journalists and accelerate the formation of an international commission of inquiry in the increasing attacks against journalists.

Witness the moment of the injury of journalist Ahmed Abu Hussein:

Watch the moment of the targeting of journalist Esraa Al-Buhaisi, Al-Alam correspondent:

Evidence of the deliberate targeting of journalist Ahmad Abu Hussein amidst the crowds despite wearing a flak jacket and a helmet emblazoned with the word "Press":


Journalist Support Committee - Palestine
14 April 2018