Seven Media Workers Kidnapped by UAE Forces in Southern Yemen

2018-03-28 03:03


The Journalist Support Committee Condemns Continuing Press Violations in Southern Yemen by UAE forces

In continuation of the violations of press freedoms in the southern provinces, armed men in the governorate of Aden kidnapped seven employees of "Al-Shumou" Foundation for Press, Printing, and Publishing.

A source at the Foundation told the Journalist Support Committee that on Sunday, March 25, 2018, armed men in the UAE's security belt stormed the headquarters of the press establishment and abducted seven journalists. While three of them were known to be detained, four journalists' whereabouts remain unknown.

This violation precedes a series of attacks on the press as troops of the security belt unit raided "Al-Shumou" Foundation in early March and burned its headquarters and also looted its contents.

The Committee has recorded eight violations of press freedom since February 14 to March 26 by gunmen in the southern provinces controlled by the so-called "Southern Transition Council" of the UAE.

Condemning these violations and expressing its solidarity with the abducted journalists, the Committee affirms that the situation in Aden and other southern governorates, with repeated violations, has become a threat to the lives and safety of journalists and media workers.

Lastly, the Committee calls upon the local authorities to assume their responsibility in the search for the abducted journalists as soon as possible and to expedite in conducting necessary investigations and to bring the perpetrators to justice. The Committee also calls upon the international community, especially the United Nations organs and the International Federation of Journalists, to take serious steps and measures to ensure the protection and safety of Yemeni journalists and media workers, to hold accountable those who violate the right to freedom of opinion and expression guaranteed by international conventions using all forms of intimidation, such as threats, abduction, assault, in order to obstruct and halt journalistic work and the right to receive and disseminate information.  

Journalist Support Committee - Yemen
28 March 2018