Closure of the Palestinian Press Agency "Safa" by Facebook

2018-03-27 11:12


The Journalist Support Committee deplores the closure of the Palestinian Press Agency "Safa" by Facebook

The Journalist Support Committee denounced the closure of the official Facebook page of the Palestinian Press Agency "Safa" and many personal accounts of Palestinian activists.

The Committee confirmed that the closure of the agency "Safa" came arbitrarily, where Facebook did not address any warning or notify the agency of any action that might violate the administration's publishing policies, noting that the agency did not exceed the specific publishing standards and is committed to professionalism in the dissemination of content.

The Committee also called on Facebook's administration to stop its offense on Palestinian pages without probable cause.

The Committee also appealed to all institutions concerned with freedom of opinion and expression to intervene and stop the policy of arbitrary closing of Palestinian pages on Facebook, which has become a tangible phenomenon in recent months.

The Committee pointed out that this policy followed by Facebook would limit freedom of opinion and expression and restrict Press Freedoms and it is contrary to all international laws and covenants.

Journalist Support Committee - Palestine
27 March 2018