Correspondent Suhaib Al-Masri Injured by Turkish Forces’ Fire

2018-02-17 09:30


The Journalist Support Committee condemns the injury of correspondent Suhaib Al-Masri by Turkish Troops’ fire. 

The Journalist Support Committee in Syria received a report from Al Kawthar TV channel stating that its correspondent Suhaib Al-Masri was injured, on Wednesday 31 January 2018, by Turkish troops while he was performing his duties and covering the battles in the Syrian northern city Afrin. 

The Journalist Support Committee strongly denounces the targeting of the reporter by the Turkish forces, and stresses the need to protect journalists, especially the military correspondents, during their field coverage, and the need to neutralize them from the conflict in the region, as well as to provide all necessary supplies to ensure their safety and protection from any attack.

Maria Darwish, The Journalist Support Committee’s coordinator in Syria, confirmed that journalist Suhaib Masri’s injury is not the first in Syria. Therefore, The Committee holds the parties to the conflict responsible for protecting journalists and stresses that it is the duty of all countries to respect the freedom of the press, ensure a climate suitable for journalistic work, and neutralize the press from international wars and conflict. The Journalist Support Committee holds the Turkish Authorities responsible for our colleague Suhaib Al-Masri’s injury. 

In conclusion, the Committee calls on all journalists to continue their work professionally and to transparently and truthfully report information. It also requests the International Federation of Journalists, international human rights organizations and those concerned with freedom of opinion to condemn this attack. The Journalist Support Committee calls upon all parties not to use excessive force that causes the loss of innocent lives including those of the journalists who are performing one of the noblest jobs when they report, broadcast and inform the public about the truth of what is currently happening. 

The Journalist Support Committee - Syria
January 31, 2018