Escalation of Hate Speech and Incitement to Violence against Yemen

2018-02-17 09:27


The Journalist Support Committee condemns the escalating hate speech and incitement to violence against Yemen

The Journalist Support Committee is deeply concerned about the escalation of the inciting hatred and violence speech through the Saudi and UAE-backed media, which will further increase hatred, animosity and internal fighting among Yemenis. 

The Committee reiterates its strong disapproval and condemnation of the continued escalation of the rhetoric of hatred, provocation and the fueling of conflict, which is considered a violation of international law rules and international norms for armed conflicts.

The Committee denounces the use of media outlets funded by and/or affiliated with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to broadcast misleading information and false news about current events in Yemen.

The Committee calls for the need to abide by ethical and professional standards, to broadcast facts with credibility and impartiality, and to refrain from using an inciting that provoke violence and hatred.

The Journalist Support Committee - Yemen
30 January 2018