Horrific Terrorist Attack on "Afghan Voice" News Agency

2018-01-04 10:31


The Journalist Support Committee deplores the horrific terrorist attack on "Afghan Voice" news agency

On Friday morning, 29 December 2017, the Journalist Support Committee received the news of the horrific suicide attack on "Afghan Voice" News Agency and the Tibian Cultural Center through three suicide bombers Which has claimed the lives of many people, including journalists. The operation was adopted by the terrorist organization ISIS.

The Committee deplores these repeated attacks on the press and media in Afghanistan, which is the fifth of its kind. In May the country witnessed an attack on the headquarters of the local radio and television station RTA, east of the city of Jalalabad, and in March, during an armed attack on the Afghan parliament, two media employees were killed, in addition to the armed attack on the Shamshad channel in November. In June, four journalists and media workers were killed in the terrorist attack in Kabul.

According to the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee, the number of attacks recorded in 2017 reached 73 cases, an increase of 35% compared to 2016.

The Journalist Support Committee reiterates its strong condemnation of this criminal attack and calls on international organizations and the Afghan government to provide all necessary supplies to ensure the security and protection of journalists and media institutions in Afghanistan.

Journalist Support Committee - Geneva
29 December 2017