Update: 15 Injured Journalists by the Israeli Occupation this Week

2017-12-16 12:55


15 injured journalists during the demonstrations, while the dispersion of demonstrators by the Israeli occupation

During the demonstrations that occurred on Friday, 15 of December 2017, against US President's decision in recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of the Occupation Entity, 15 journalists were severely injured while covering these events.

The Committee monitored the following:

  • Journalist Ranin Sawfta - injured by a gas canister.
  • journalist Ahmed Talaat Hassan - cracked camera.
  • Journalist Zaid Abu Ara - detained and prevented coverage.
  • Journalist Malik Bisharat - Detained and prevented coverage.
  • Journalist Adham Bani Odeh - Detained and prevented coverage.
  • Palestine TV crew - targeted with gas canisters.
  • WAFA staff - targeted with gas canisters.
  • Ajyal Radio crew - targeted with gas canisters.
  • Journalist Nael Buittal - wounded by a shot with rubber-coated metal bullets in the leg.
  • Journalist Jaafar Ashtayeh - wounded by a shot with a metal bullet in the thigh.
  • Journalist Eyad al-Hashlamoun - beaten and prevented coverage.
  • Omar Al-Khatib - injured by a live bullet which led to the fragmentation of the bones of the leg.
  • Hussein Karsua - Gaseous asphyxiation.
  • Mohammed Al-Aga - Gaseous asphyxiation.
  • Samer Al-Za'anin - Gaseous asphyxiation.

In addition, the committee monitored several death threats and incitement against Palestinian journalists on social media, namely Facebook, which raises high concerns over the safety of journalists in Palestine.

The threats were reported by a Palestinian journalist, as seen below:

The Journalist Support Committee with high concern, calls upon all Human Rights Organizations, the International Community and the International Federation of Journalists to condemn these violations against journalists and to exert necessary pressure on the "Israeli" to cease its beaches of international journalist safety laws and to bring the perpetrators to trial in order to to put an end on all forms of impunity.

Journalist Support Committee - Palestine
16 December 2017