More than 16 Journalists were injured in Palestine demonstration coverage

2017-12-12 10:44


More than 16 journalists have been injured since the beginning of this week

The Journalist Support Committee (JSC) strongly condemned the deliberate targeting of journalists by the Occupation forces during this past week in an act to obliterate their crimes. The forces confronted media workers with repression, bullets, and batons in order to prevent them from filming scenes of repression against protesters and to cover up their crimes against the Palestinian people who rose up in rejection to Trump's decision in recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the occupying entity.

The Committee stated that more than 16 journalists were injured during the coverage of the rallies including two female journalists, in addition, the occupation forces prevented many journalists from doing their work and confiscated press equipment.

Among the injured journalists in the West Bank were: 

  • Cameraman Amro Abu Awad - Palestine TV in Jericho.
  • Cameraman Mahmoud Fawzi - Ramasat in Qalqilya.
  • Journalist Dalia Al-Nimri - RT correspondent in Occupied Jerusalem, and was targeted twice.
  • Correspondent Adel Abu Ne'meh - Reuters in Jericho.
  • Correspondent Firas Tanina - Ma'an Agency in Ramallah.
  • Correspondent Ali Dar Ali - Palestine TV in Al-Bireh.
  • Correspondent Diala Joyhan - Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah.
  • Ali Obeidat - Palestine TV in Al-Bireh.
  • Alaa Badarneh - European Agency in Al-Bireh.
  • Cameraman Maamoun Wazwaz - Reuters in Bethlehem.
  • Journalist Nasser Al-Shyoukhi was wounded by a rubber bullet in the confrontations at the entrance to the northern city of Al-Bireh in Ramallah.

While the Gaza Strip, the following journalists were injured:

  • Cameraman Mustafa Hassouna - Anatolia Agency.
  • Cameraman Hassan Altayleh - Al-Quds TV.
  • Cameraman Yehya Hassouna - AFP.
  • Cameraman Ahmed Hasballah * Freelancer.

In the wake of these attacks, we, The Journalist Support Committee (JSC) are disturbed and alarmed by the escalation of "Israel's" systematic assaults against Palestinian journalists.

The prosecution of journalists and preventing them from coverage and restricting their right to a flexible and free movement is a clear violation of all international conventions and covenants which allows them freedom of movement and news coverage without any pressure.

We appeal to all international institutions concerned with the rights of journalists in the world to exert pressure on "Israel" to cease its deliberate violations against journalists who carry out their professional work while "Israel" violates all laws and charters, including Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which protects freedom of expression on the basis that everyone has the right to hold opinions without interference, in addition, Article 9 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights and Article 13 of the inter-American Convention on Protecting the Human Rights.

Ongoing Coverage...Ensuring Journalistic Safety
Journalist Support Committee - Palestine
11 December 2017