Attack on Journalists in Lebanon

2017-12-11 02:08


The Journalist Support Committee condemns the attacks on journalists in front of the US Embassy in Awkar, Lebanon

The Journalist Support Committee condemned the attacks by the Lebanese Security Forces on journalists during the dispersal of the demonstrations held yesterday, 11 December 2017, in front of the US Embassy in Awkar, which condemned the decision of US President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Occupation.

The committee pointed out that the attacks directly targeted Future TV correspondent, journalist Rabih Shantaf during his live coverage of the demonstrations where security forces attacked him by ordering him to stop the broadcast and threatened to break the camera, as well as his microphone was withdrawn from his hand, along with cursing him and vigorously pushing him away. 

Moreover, Al-Quds TV reporter, Bara'a Lmohamad was also wounded by a tear-gas canister shot directly towards him by the Lebanese security forces to disperse the demonstrators, he was prevented from completing his live coverage to take cover.

The Committee therefore strongly condemns these attacks and the use of excessive power against demonstrators which led to the injury of journalists, and calls on the Lebanese government, especially the Ministry of Interior, to take decisive measures to hold the perpetrators accountable for assaulting and attacking journalists who are performing their professional duty.

The Committee would also like to shed light on the courage of New TV correspondent, journalist Rachel Karam, for her brave act during her live coverage where she defended a demonstrator and put herself at risk to prevent the anti-riot police from battering and assaulting him.

Witness moments of assault on Futur TV correspondent Rabih Shantaf:

Witness moment of the injury of Al-Quds correspondent Bara'a Lmohammed with a tear gas canister:

Witness moment of New TV correspondent Rachel Karam defending a protestor: 

Journalist Support Committee - Lebanon
11 December 2017