The demand to release 33 detained journalists in Palestine

2017-10-14 09:58


The Journalists Support Committee calls upon all international organizations to apply pressure on Israel for the release of 33 detained journalists

The Journalists Support Committee pleads that all the international organizations concerned with the rights of journalists should apply pressure on Israel so that they release the 33 journalists who remain in Israeli prisons.

The Journalist Support Committee's coordinator in Palestine, Mr.Saleh Al-Masri, emphasized, in a supportive stance alongside those imprisoned and in front of the Rapporteur of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the urgency and importance of international organizations applying pressure on the occupation to free the imprisoned journalists and to stop violating their rights.

The journalist also stated that the occupants have increased their aggression towards journalist and their organizations from the start of the year, committing -according to the committee's report- 469 acts of violation against journalists rights and news organizations. They do this by means of arrests, apprehending crew teams, firing shots at them and by closing down news organizations, without any legal basis, only because these journalists are performing their work and exposing the Israeli's violations to the world.

Journalist Support Committee - Palestine
12 October 2017