Release of detained journalists in Yemen

2017-09-22 04:08


Journalist Support Committee welcomes the release of Journalists in Yemen
and calls for the release of all detained Journalists

The Journalist Support Committee welcomed the efforts of Mr. Saleh Al Samad, Head of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen, to release a number of detained journalists primarily journalist Yahya Abdulraqeeb Al-Jubaihi.

The committee expressed its deep appreciation in a statement issued on Thursday, 21st September 2017, where the committee commended Mr. Al Samad’s efforts in supporting freedom of opinion and expression in Yemen.

The committee called for the release of the remaining journalists detained in connection with the current events in Yemen and the war by the Saudi led coalition of more than two years.

The committee calls on global media and the international community to help journalists enter Yemen to gain access and report on the current dire humanitarian conditions resulting from the war.

The committee considers that the entry of international journalists and media staff would open the door to gain a closer look at the suffering of the Yemeni people as a result of the war, which has resulted in thousands of dead and wounded, and completely destroyed the infrastructure, leading to a humanitarian disaster considered as the worst worldwide according to international reports.

Journalist Support Committee
21 September 2017