Closure of Radio Manbar Al-Huria and Al-Nawras Tv

2020-02-05 05:15


Confiscation of equipment an Israeli Piracy
The closure of Al-Nawras TV and Radio Manbar Al-Huria contravenes al international conventions


The Journalist Support Committee (JSC) in Palestine has followed with great concern the decision of the Israeli occupation to close down Radio Manbar Al-Huria and Al-Nawras Tv in the city of Hebron, West Bank.

The Committee strongly condemned the clear violations of the occupation forces after they raided and closed the radio station and television in the city of Hebron, where on Thursday morning, 31 of August 2017, the Israeli soldiers stormed the headquarters of Radio Manbar Al-Huria, destroyed and confiscated all equipment, leaving a decision to close the radio for six months, shutting the doors with red wax.

The Committee also condemned the Israeli forces' raid on Al-Nawras TV's building, where the occupation cut off the cables and confiscated all existing devices and equipment.

The Committee calls on all international institutions concerned with freedom of press to exercise pressure on the occupation authorities to stop their continuous aggression against the Palestinian press institutions.

The Journalist Support Committee also calls on the occupation authorities to reverse this decision and to return all equipment confiscated from the site, which is estimated to be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The Committee pointed out that the occupation seeks from these attacks to undermine the press institutions in order to conceal the truth and shut down press freedom in a clear violation of all international conventions and treaties that guarantee freedom of broadcasting, speech, and opinion.

Watch: moments of the Israeli Forces' storming of the radio and the devastation left behind:

 Journalist Support Committee - Palestine
31 August 2017