Injured cameraman: Omar Jalil

2017-08-25 03:27


ISIS is systematically attacking journalists in Iraq

The Journalist Support Committee strongly condemns the shooting of Al-Tali'ah channel's cameraman Omar Jalil by the terrorist group ISIS.

And in a statement given from the channel's director to the journalist support committee, the cameraman was injured on Tuesday, 22nd of August 2017, due to a sniper shot by the terrorist organization ISIS, during his coverage of the military operations in Tal Afar, Al-Jazira district east Tal Afar, Iraq.

And according to a statement made by the channel's director, Mr. Haidar Al-Askari, to the Journalist Support Committee, he confirmed that the cameraman "Omar Jalil was injured in the foot by a sniper, which called for his direct transfer to the military airport of Tal Afar and provide immediate treatments for him until he's transferred to the capital Baghdad."

Thus, the Journalist Support Committee stated that the repeated targeting of journalists in Iraq by the terrorist organizations requires a serious stand by all institutions dealing with Journalist Rights.

The committee also calls upon the Iraqi Government to support journalists through their rehabilitation, media training, and safety measures and to ensure their protection against the dangers they face while performing their duty.

Watch now the moment of the cameraman's injury in a report prepared by Al-Tali'ah channel: