Arrest warrant against journalist Nazeeha Saeed

2017-08-22 01:44


the Journalist Support Committee describes the Bahraini authorities' decision to arrest journalist Nazeeha Saeed arbitrarily and oppressive 


Sunday, 20th of August 2017, journalist Nazeeha Saeed stated on her twitter account that the enforcement judge rejected her lawyer's request, Mr. Hamid Al-Mallah, to suspend the fine of 1,000 Dinars, despite proceeding to the court of cassation, and ordered her arrest until the fine was paid. The Journalist Nazeeha Saeed is currently abroad.

To recap, the second criminal court of first instance issued a charge of fining journalist Nazeeha Saeed a thousand Dinars for working without a license, on Thursday, 25th of May, 2017. 

It is worth mentioning that the journalist is the only one being prosecuted on the background of working without a license, bearing in mind that the Bahraini government refused, last year, to renew the licenses of at least five Bahraini journalists working for international media such as France 24, The Associated Press and Reuters, according to Reporters Without Borders.

Thus, the committee reiterates its calls upon the Bahraini government to stop prosecuting journalist Nazeeha Saeed, and describes the warrant of arrest as arbitrarily, oppressive and unlawful, as the journalists' lawyer, Mr. Hamid Al-Mallah, affirmed that his client has taken all legal measures to obtain a renewal of her license but has been stalled by the government of Bahrain who wasn't being cooperative.

The committee deplores the Bahraini government's behavior towards press freedom and considering its actions as maneuver to silence freedom of press, to restrict local and foreign press to move freely in Bahrain, and a violation of the recommendations of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry, international organizations and all the charters and laws calling for the preservation and protection of journalistic rights and ensuring a safe and sound environment in order to perform their duty away from harassment and arbitrary prosecutions.

The committee also reiterates its request to the government of Bahrain to review these observations and requests, and also demands the international community to take the necessary measures against these violations of media and press freedom in Bahrain. 

Latest update on the story, on 22nd of August 2017, journalist Nazeeha Saeed paid the fine enforced upon her by the enforcement judge in order to prevent her arrest.


Together towards a free press 
Journalist Support Committee - Bahrain
21 August 2017