Targeting Media In Yemen

2017-07-31 03:44


The Journalist Support Committee condemns the targeting of Al-Masirah staff in Yemen
The Committee calls on the international community to form an international commission of inquiry to act against the direct and systematic targeting of Yemeni journalists.

The Journalist Support Committee (JSC) condemned the systematic targeting of the Saudi-led coalition air force on the Yemeni media crews, most recent what occurred on Sunday 30th of July 2017, where the coalition aircraft bombed Al-Masirah channel crew who were covering a vigil in Beihan, Shabwa governorate.

]The targeting led to the injury of both correspondent Hussein Shawki Al-Sarihi, and cameraman Kamal Ahmad Al-Kebsi.

The committee condemns the repeated attacks on the press and media workers in Yemen and urges all parties of the conflict to neutralize the media from current events.  

The committee denounces the repeated targeting of Al-Masirah channel by the Saudi-led coalition, this target is the second in less than three months, where on May 17, 2017, Al-Masirah channel was attacked by a UAV air strike. The channel’s cameraman Ismael Al-Bahili was injured and the vehicle along with other equipment was severely damaged.

Thus the committee appeals to the international community to exert pressure on the Saudi-led coalition in order to force it to implement the international conventions on the protection and safety of journalists and media professionals, in particular, resolution A /HRC / 33 / L6 adopted unanimously by the Human Rights Council at its last regular session and Security Council resolutions 21/12 and 13 / 24 on the protection of journalists in conflict zones.

The committee also demands the human rights organizations to put the Yemeni file in the highest priority and to raise it in the international forums to exercise pressure in order to establish an international commission of inquiry into crimes against the media and press in Yemen and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The war in Yemen has so far resulted in the destruction of 12 media installations by the Saudi led coalition air force, the killing of more than 10 journalists, the wounding of more than 10 journalists, the suspension of 7 channels from Arabsat and 8 partial blocking from Nilesat. 


The following clip from Al-Masirah channel (modified) shows the damaged and injuries of both correspondent and cameraman: (Note: the opinions and ideas published in the video reflect the opinion of the owner only and not adopted by the Committee)

Journalist Support Committee
30 July 2017