Terrorism kills another journalist in Syria

2017-07-31 04:10


Terrorism kills another journalist in Syria
Russia Today correspondent, Khaled Al-Khatib was killed
The Journalist Support Committee condemns the systematic targeting of journalists in Syria

The Journalist Support Committee condemned this morning the killing of Syrian Journalist Khaled Al-Khatib on Sunday, 30 July 2017, during his coverage of Syrian army operations in eastern countryside of Homs.

According to news sources, the journalist Khaled was accompanied by his photographer in the task of covering the battles in Homs, where his convoy was targeted by a missile launched by the terrorist organization “ISIS”, near the village of Al-Baghiliyah, in Homs Governorate.

The journalist, born in the city of Al-Salamiyah in 1992 (25 years old), holds a degree in journalism and mass communication from the Syrian International Academy, worked as an independent journalist for several years before joining Sputnik in 2015, and just recently was employed by RT Television.

And through the committee’s monitoring of violations against journalists since 2017, Khaled is the fourth journalist to be killed in Syria since the beginning of the year. He was preceded by photographer Ismael Khalil, reporter Mohammad Abizaid and photographer Alaa Karim. In addition to the wounding of several journalists and media workers, just recently this year, the crew of Al-Manar Television was hit by a missile launched by terrorist organization, where the photographer Morhaf Mansour, the correspondent of Al-Alam TV channel Saadallah Khalil, photographer Somar Al-Salameh and other were critically injured.

The committee condemns the killing and wounding of journalists in Syria, it also calls on the international community to implement international resolutions that ensure the safety of journalists, media professionals especially in conflict areas, and to create a safe and conducive environment for journalism.

Syria is considered one of the most dangerous areas for journalistic work, with many journalists still missing, including American journalist Austin Tice, who is believed to still be alive since his abduction in 2012.

The committee extends its deepest condolences to all the Syrian and Arab media staff for the loss of the young journalist Khaled Al-Khatib, hoping for a speedy recovery of his colleague and the patience and solace of the family of the deceased.


Journalist Support Committee
31 July 2017