Raiding on press offices in Palestine

2017-07-29 11:07


The Journalist Support Committee condemns the raiding on press offices and confiscation and destruction of its contents by the Israeli Forces


The Journalist Support Committee (JSC) strongly condemns the storming of several Palestinian, Arab and International media offices operating in the West Bank by the Israeli Forces, among the media offices: Al-Manar, Al-Mayadeen, Russia Today, France 24, Al-Quds and the BBC.

The Israeli Forces raided in the early hours of dawn on Saturday, July 29, 2017, the media companies located in the center city of Ramallah, West Bank, where they ripped the doors off its hinges, covered surveillance cameras in order to prevent it from documenting, in addition the forces tampered, destroyed, stole, confiscated contents of the offices including 6 hard disks from a computer belonging to Al-Quds News Network.

The Journalist Support Committee describes the event as a piracy on media and a crime that must be held accountable by international law. The committee also calls on the international institutions to intervene in order to stop the incursion into the Palestinian media by the Israeli Forces.

The committee also calls for the need to protect Palestinian journalists who are subjected to systematic and continuous attacks by the Israeli Forces.


Journalist Support Committee - Palestine
29 July 2017