Smart Phone Journalism

2017-03-28 09:35


On March 28, 2017, The journalist support committee in Palestine organized in collaboration with Al-Isra University – media department, a workshop entitled: smart phone journalism. The workshop was attended by 30 students from the media department of Al-Isra University.

The workshop aimed to qualify the participants to deal professionally with the mobile press.

The workshop consisted of both theoretical and practical aspects:

In the theoretical aspect, the workshop elaborated on the importance of mobile journalism and the making of short films using mobiles. On the other hand, the practical aspect focused on practical field photography through the optimal use of smart phones, imaging, montage and audio recording.

Professor Saleh Al-Masri, the representative of the committee in Palestine, pointed out that the Journalist Support Committee is of great importance in the fields of training and the rehabilitation of media professionals and journalists, in addition to their development in the media aspect. Dr. Ahmed Al-Wadiya, dean of the faculty of humanities at Al-Isra University, thanked the Journalist Support Committee for its continuous efforts to develop the performance of journalists and media students at the University. Praising the constructive cooperation between the university and the committee to support journalist and civil society institutions.