Attack on journalists in Syria

2017-06-05 03:47


Journalist Support Committee condemns the systematic attack on journalists in Syria 

During media coverage of the Syrian army’s operations on terrorist axes in eastern Homs countryside, on the 12 of May 2017, cameraman Morhaf Mansour, from Al-Manar channel, and reporter Saadallah Khalil, from Al-Alam channel, and cameraman Soumar Al-Salameh, were wounded by a thermal missile fired by the terrorist organization “ISIS”.

Thus, the Journalist Support Committee deplores the repeated attacks on journalists in Syria by armed groups and condemns the silence of the international community towards these violations on journalism, which constitute a grave breach of international decrees, in particular, Security Council resolutions 12/21 and 13/24 regarding the protection of journalists in conflict zones.

The committee reiterates its call on the international community, human rights organizations and the Syrian government to take necessary measures to put an end to these violations and to find a radical solution that provides a sound environment for press work in all areas of conflict, especially Syria, which is considered as one of the most dangerous places for journalists, and recently ranked 177 out of 180 for the World Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders.


Together for the protection of journalists
Journalist Support Committee – Syria
13 May 2017