Attack on Al-Masirah Crew

2017-06-01 12:44


Journalist Support Committee condemns the attacks on Al-Masirah crew in Yemen
And calls on all parties to neutralize the media from current conflict

The Journalist Support Committee condemned the deliberate attack on Al-Masirah crew, that occurred on Wednesday 17th of May 2017.

The event occurred while the crew was accompanied by a rescue team intending to cover the distribution of aid materials to distressed people of Shaab area.

According to statements obtained by the committee from the crew, the attack occurred while the channel’s staff were at the market of Ayad in Harad governorate, where they were subjected to a drone strike that directly targeted their vehicle (fortuner 2006), that had on board: the photographer Ismael Al-Bahili, reporter Waleed Al-Mutahir, driver Ali Al-Shteiwi, and photographer of another media office Yasser Hadis. The drone strike took place just a meter away, the car was penetrated by shrapnel, especially the right side and the roof. The rear was completely destroyed, the tires exploded and all the mirrors and windows were shattered, and the injury of photographer Ismael Al-Balihi who was mildly injured in his hand and shoulder.

The Journalist Support Committee deplores these repeated attacks on the press and journalists in Yemen, and urges all parties of the conflict to neutralize the media from the ongoing war.

The Committee also appeals to the international committee to exercise necessary pressure on the Saudi government to force it to implement international convention and charters, especially those concerning the safety of journalists working in war zones or dangerous areas, such as the Human Rights Council’s resolution A/HRC/33/L6 adopted unanimously in its recent regular session, and Security Council resolutions 21/12 and 13/24 on the protection of journalists in conflict areas.  

The war on Yemen has so far resulted in the destruction of 12 media installations by the Saudi-led coalition Air Forces, the death of more than 10 journalists, the wounding of more than 9 journalists, most recent the injury of cameraman Ismail Al-Balihi, the broadcast ban of seven channels on satellite Arab sat, and eight partial blocked on Nile sat.


Journalist Support Committee – Yemen
31 May 2017