Arrest of Mohammad Al-Sheikh

2017-04-21 03:10


Bahraini Sources confirms that Agence France Presse’s photographer, Mohammad Al Shaikh, was detained in the airport of Bahrain after his return from his vacation in India.

Thus, the Journalist Support Committee issued the following statement:

The photographer of Agence France Presse, Mohammad Al Shaikh, who held first place in photography for the Bayeux-Calvados Awards for war correspondents 2014, for his series of photography of the 2011 revolution in Bahrain.

And we just received news that the prestigious photographer was detained in the airport for no reason whatsoever so far. Accordingly, the Journalist Support Committee condemns this assaults against journalists and media outlets in Bahrain by the Bahraini government, which is a clear violation of human rights and international conventions, in particularly UNHRC resolution A/HRC/RES/12/16 on freedom of opinion and expression that was adopted in October 2009. This resolution recognizes that the exercise of the right to freedom of opinion and expression is one of the essential foundations of a democratic society. And we demand the international community and human rights organizations to take necessary measures to put an end and condemn these violations against the media and press freedom in Bahrain and to exercise pressure on the Bahraini government to stop its constraints on the media and to take serious measures to bring the perpetrators to a fair trial.