Attack on Algerian reporter "Samira Muwaki"

2017-04-21 02:56


The Algerian reporter “Samira Muwaki Dadi” was severely injured due to a sniper bullet, shot by a member of the terrorist groups, aimed at her head, during her coverage of the combats near Tal afar, west Mosul, Iraq.

Reports say, that the war correspondent “Samira Muwaki Dadi” obtained authorization from the Iraqi government to cover the attacks. 

Samira is known for her solidarity with the Iraq during its war on terror. In results, she received several threats from terrorists and was also prevented from entering her country.

Thus, the journalist support committee issued the following statement:

“The journalist support committee severely condemns the atrocious attack on the journalist Samira Dadi, which is also an attack on freedom of press and expression. In addition, the committee also condemns the Algerian state’s decision in banning the journalist from entering the country, a clear violation of Human rights.

The committee reiterates its request to the international community and human rights organizations to take necessary measures to put an end and condemn these violations of freedom of press committed by the terrorist groups, and to find a drastic solution that provides a safe environment for journalists to fulfill their duty in all conflict areas.”