Workshop: Citizen Journalism

2017-03-30 01:48


Goal: Practical steps and guidance on how to get a good story.
Instructor: Wissam Sayegh (journalist and social media specialist).

Saturday 18th of March 2017, the Journalist Support Committee organized a workshop for community activists entitled "Citizen Journalism" practical steps and guidance on how to get a story, in London, Uk.

The workshop was divided into two sections. After an introduction, the participants had to be paired in two and to film themselves in a 1 min video asking the person 3 questions: 
1) Who are you?
2) Where do you study/work and what experience do you have in this field?
3)What do you hope to gain from this experience?

The videos were analyzed by the instructor, mistakes and good points were pointed out based on light, sound, and duration. the next part of the workshop was about sound and camera positions where he showed photos and videos through a projector.

An intervention by JSC's treasurer, Mr. Kassem Mtayrk, in the workshop. Mr.Kassem spoke about the committee, its work, objectives, and goals for defending journalists and freedom of speech in the Arab World.

-Activity 2: Each 2 were asked to pair up and to experiment with recording an interview with the phone microphone being in different positions.
The results were very useful and creative and the class shared each of their recordings and evaluated them, pointing out the mistakes and noticing the difference in the sound due to the position of the microphone and the type of location they recorded it in.

-The next part of the workshop was about Sequence and the type of shots were Wissam briefly explained the different shots there are in filming and how they are put in order for any sequence in any type of story ( reportage, short film, documentary…).
-He also explained the rules of constructing and composing a photo or a shot. A video was played describing the rules of photography by the world known photographer Steve McCurry.

-The final activity was to pair up and each film an interview and a 5-shot sequence. These were later on reviewed and corrected by the Instructor Wissam and he pointed out that there was a sign of improvement from the first activity (interview) compared to the final one.
-He then explained the App “Filmic pro” and showed the class how to use it.

-Finally Abou Ammar thanked the participants for coming and explained the importance of media and journalism in our difficult times.
-Certificates were signed by Abou Ammar and Wissam Sayegh and were awarded to each participant.