The Repeated and deliberate targeting of journalists in Yemen is considered a war crime

2018-02-28 03:20


The Journalist Support Committee: The Repeated and deliberate targeting of journalists in Yemen is considered a war crime

The Journalist Support Committee condemns the Saudi coalition aircraft’s systematic targeting of the Yemeni media crews, the latest of which took place yesterday, February 7, 2018.The Coalition aircraft bombed the “Hays” area of “Hodeida” province, which lead to the death of Al-Sahat channel’s photographer, Abdullah Abed Al-Fatah Al –Monastir. 

The Committee denounces the repeated targeting of journalists in Yemen, calls on all parties to neutralize journalists from the conflict in the country and demands that the Saudi coalition refrain from the use of excessive and indiscriminate force during the war since it will only lead to killing many civilians, including journalists who carry out their noble duty to cover conflicts and crises, the Committee, therefore, holds the Saudi coalition responsible for the safety of journalists.

The Committee also calls upon the international community to exert pressure on the Saudi coalition to force it to implement the international conventions on the protection and safety of journalists and media personnel, in particular article 79 of the Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, on measures to protect journalists and resolution A / HRC/ 33 / L6 adopted unanimously by the Human Rights Council at its last regular session, in addition to the Security Council’s resolutions 21/12 and 13/24 on the protection of journalists in conflict zones. The Committee also calls for lifting the blockade imposed on the country and allowing foreign journalists to enter Yemen in order to cover the reality of the humanitarian crisis and the consequences of war and internal conflict.

The Journalist Support Committee also stresses the need for Organizations concerned with the journalists’ protection and rights to turn the Yemeni issue into a priority and present it in international forums in order to pressure the Saudi coalition to stop targeting journalists and the media. 

Journalist Support Committee - Yemen
8 February 2018