Trump’s hostile statements toward journalists put them at risk and threaten their lives

2018-02-28 03:06


The Journalist Support Committee: US President's hostile statements towards journalists put them at risk and threaten their lives

The Journalist Support Committee expressed its concern over the continued hostile and provocative speech of US President Donald Trump when he described the media in general and journalists in particular as "false and misleading."

This type of rhetoric raised the Committee’s fear and concern over the safety and security of journalists. The Journalist Support Committee condemns such dangerous statements and believes that the American President’s enmity towards the media and Journalists is troubling; since it uses the incitement rhetoric which in turns exposes journalists to various dangers. 

The Committee also voices its surprise that such irresponsible and inappropriate statements are coming from the head of State and a member of the United Nations Security Council.

The Journalist Support Committee called on the US president to retract his hostile statements towards the media and holds him responsible for the safety of journalists and the consequences of his inflammatory speech.

In conclusion, the Committee calls upon all international organizations concerned with the freedom of the media to address such statements which oppose and violate all international conventions and laws, particularly the Geneva Convention, which guarantees freedom of opinion and expression

Journalist Support Committee - Switzerland
                                                         February 5, 2018